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HiDesigned does everything
that is graphic, but we strive to
provide that
EXTRA touch

Why is that 'extra' so important in web design?

Well, in our current society and on the internet it is no longer easy to stand out. After all, everything starts to look the same, meaning that your message, your idea, your website... does not get the attention it deserves!


Our goal :

Your idea, identity, website, company, event or organization
make it stand out from the crowd


How do we do that?

Through a good graphic and unique design that:

• Attracts attention

• Maintains attention

• And ultimately a catalyst for whatever your goal may be


What are the possibilities ?

You can contact us for a simple basic idea to full implementation. We can take care of your entire corporate identity including website or just one element, the choice is yours.

Are you a company, a small self-employed person or a private individual?

we don't care. You simply choose the formula that suits you.



Gille Hoeveverkoop logo design
Storms Dakwerken logo design
Johan Van Goidsenhoven - logo design


Please do not hesitate to contact us:

BLiNCH - T-shirt Design
Orange in a Tea - favicon design
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